• Brand Evaluation and Asset Creation
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Websites
  • SaaS Platform Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Business Operations Systems

The Client

Vaulta's unique platform gives accountancy practices and the businesses they advise sight over crucial data at a glance. Proactive insights on a clients' data sets their services apart. Practices can brand the dashboard, upskill their practice and offer their clients advice based on their latest financial data, making their team indispensable and their clients empowered. 

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When the client approached us to create Vaulta for them, it was a very early stage idea. We worked with them to articulate where the real opportunity was for them in the market. We then named and branded the company, creating a contemporary brand that harnesses the purpose and values of the platform to position them correctly within their marketplace.

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We started the main application development by creating user journeys for all users. These were followed by wireframes and then clickable visuals to ensure the best user experience for both accountancy practices and their clients. 

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Vaulta is an advanced online platform that provides a state-of-the-art experience to accountancy practices and their clients. Crucial up-to-the-minute financial data is available at a glance, making the accountancy practices indispensable and their clients empowered.   

  • Automated client importing
  • Automated assignment of Account Managers
  • Automated creation of the insights dashboard
  • Curated commentary from the accountant
  • Absolute control over the client experience
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