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The Client

Acumen Accountants and Advisors are one of the top firms of choice in Scotland. Opening their doors for the first time over 30 years ago, they offer friendly and professional advice to clients looking to take their business to the next level. With offices in Aberdeen and Peterhead, their 50+ members of staff serve over 2,000 clients across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

They're a forward-thinking and technologically-advanced company, using the latest software and techniques to achieve great results for their clients, and provide technology coaching as part of their services.

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The team at Acumen approached us to redesign their payroll experience. Previously, their clients were filling in spreadsheets containing payroll information each month, or sometimes weekly, and that information was being copied by hand into Acumen's Sage system. This was both error-prone and time consuming, taking two bookeepers at a time per payroll, with one typing and the other checking for errors.

Acumen asked us to build a web application that would allow their clients to enter the information directly into the system, rather than in a spreadsheet. The application then validates the data and posts it directly into Sage Payroll, dramatically reducing the time taken by each bookkeeper to complete payroll.

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As the project progressed and Acumen saw new opportunities for improved interaction, we added more features, turning it from a post-only application to an interactive system, pulling data from Sage, and allowing settings to be changed, holidays to be managed, and leavers to be flagged.

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Payroll Acumen is now a powerful and flexible online application; the additional features that were added during development mean that the system will save more time for bookkeepers, and give great feedback to Acumen's clients as they enter their payroll. The system will prevent mistakes, and free the Acumen to work on the more challenging tasks around payroll, and give more energy and time to the customers that need it.

The additional features provide a base for a system that may become a SaaS platform in the future, as there are many accountancy practices facing the same challenges - the system is set to not only save time and money for Acumen, but to create a great additional revenue stream in the future.

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