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The Client

ten80 is a groundbreaking digital marketplace that connects every SAP client to every SAP expert globally. The platform gives clients the power to deliver business outcomes using the best SAP experts in the world. Their goal is to connect every freelancer and contractor with every SAP client in the world – allowing uncapped earnings and freedom to work wherever and whenever the contractors desire.

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We were approached by ten80 Group to brand, design and build a comprehensive web application, which would facilitate the entire workflow SAP clients to SAP experts around the globe.

We guided the ten80 team through the innovation process, using our Systems Flow Process to arrive at the core premise of the platform, create the customer journey, and map it onto wireframes and define key features. We then created a prototype that they could use to begin their sales process, while we got on with building the full application.

A unique component of the platform is a scoring engine, that intelligently grades the SAP experts depending on their skills, work references, ratings and referrals. This helps clients to pick the right person for the job, and reduces risk. Clients can post their work on the platform, and contractors can discuss and bid on the work, creating an intuitive and disruptive open market for contractors.

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The team did a great job in helping us get our product to market. We’re delighted with the result and excited for the journey ahead.

Neil How, CEO - ten80 Group
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Harnessing the Systems Flow Process led to a great brand, fantastic UX, early prototypes and rapid application development and roll-out.

By the time the Minimum Viable Product was ready to go live, ten80 Group had secured their first major clients. Walmart, MassMart, Macro, Unison and OKI all immediately signed-up and the business got off to a flying start.

The platform was heralded as hugely disruptive in the industry, promising to improve the lives of thousands of contractors, while facilitating huge improvements in workflow and maintenance for SAP clients, and saving businesses 42% of their contractor costs.

Following the launch, ten80 Group received £500,000 investment from Seneca Group, and the business has experienced rapid growth, expanding its team from two to 23 since January within a year, with 150,000 contractors signed up to the platform.

Matt Currie, investment manager at Haydock-based Seneca Partners, said Ten80 has the potential to revolutionise the industry.

He said: “The platform capabilities are extremely impressive and at present unmatched, a real credit to what the team have achieved to date”

The group are aiming to achieve unicorn status and a $1bn valuation inside three years.

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