The Systems Flow Process

Streamlining operations, driving growth. Your journey to operational excellence starts with us.

Our purpose is to help organisations worldwide harness the power of technology to make more impact with fewer resources.

Over 20 years of building business software, we've got this process down. It keeps us working on your most important tasks, flexible enough to respond to change and focused on making an impact on your business with high-quality applications.

We call it our Systems Flow Process. And like Colonel Sander's 13 spices or the recipe for Coca Cola, we will never give up its secrets. Ever. To anyone. (Oh go on then, scroll down).

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This unique flowing process of improvement is the result of over 20 years experience


Every project we work on together begins with a deep analysis of your existing processes, ideas and aims, scoping out the most business-critical features for the software that will result in the biggest impact for your business. Working in this way dramatically reduces the up-front cost of development, while equally reducing the project risk.



Optimising your operations is at the heart of our design philosophy. We focus on understanding your operational challenges and goals to develop applications that not only enhance efficiency but also align seamlessly with your brand identity. Our design process is about crafting an experience that not only solves practical problems but also resonates with its users, making every interaction intuitive and impactful. This approach ensures that the application we create not only optimises your operations but also strengthens connections within your team and your customers.

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Say hello to your A-team. Our gang of world-class strategists, designers, developers and project managers are trained in the art of Lean and Agile Scrum project delivery. This keeps the project on track, the scope tight and the focus on the desired outcomes. Working in two-week sprints keeps the feedback loop short, and the project on target and on budget. You just relax and enjoy the process.



Delivering releases to your users rapidly enables us to monitor how the software is actually being used, rather than how we expected it to be used. We respond to live feedback, iterate and improve, constantly testing our assumptions in the real world. This process drives momentum and scales safely, and shortens the window to deliver that all-important ROI.



Show me the data. Good software design is an iterative process, where decisions are driven by data and changes are deployed regularly. We help refine the customer journey, remove bottlenecks, looking for new pains to relieve and new opportunities to delight the user. This process of improvement is the essence of great software, and results in applications people love to use.

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The Systems Flow Process has been crafted and refined over 20 years, working with hundreds of businesses of all sizes. It's a framework for continuous improvement, has the power to transform your organisation, and is the foundation of all that we do at Remote.

Paul McGillivray - CTO, Remote

Your operations, our expertise. Together, we'll craft the future of your business.

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