We combine strategy, design and technology to create and scale digital products

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We combine strategy, design and technology to create and scale digital products

As a team of strategists, designers and developers, we bring powerful digital products to life.

Since 1999, we’ve been working across disciplines and platforms for clients in multiple industries, to help them harness custom software to run more efficiently, engage their audience and drive sales with high performing web applications and mobile apps. 

As a digital product studio, we work in collaboration with you as an extension of your team, bringing our years of experience to your project. Helping to identify opportunities, define the scope, build and test prototypes, and then delivering in fast, stable and high-quality iterations so that we can make sure we're delivering the outcomes you need to realise a successful project.

Our approach is based on deep experience of leveraging design and technology to achieve the needs of our clients, driving efficiency, innovation and profitability, and enabling them to scale-up safely.

From our UK offices, we work with clients around the world. Our current clients are based predominantly throughout Europe, North and Latin America. Our client roster ranges from well-funded start ups, businesses looking to scale up and the international household brands we all recognise.

From strategy to scale, our team work across the full product lifecycle


In this session, we learn more about each other to make sure that there’s a values match between our businesses, and compatibility between what you’re looking for and what we do. We commit only to customers and projects we know we can add real value to, so a high-level needs-analysis of your business requirements will make sure we make a real and lasting impact together.

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10x Clarity

In our 10x Clarity Workshop, we deploy a range of tools to innovate ideas for your digital products and service. During the process, we create customer personas, identify their commonalities and the pains they may be experiencing, and invent ways we can improve their lives with your new digital product, making your product irresistible and your customers raving fans.

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In the Strategy Lab at Remote HQ, we map out the workflow of your new product or service. We’ll define the top-level features we need to create to immediately prove your value proposition. Working in this way reduces the up-front development cost, while making the whole process as transparent and enjoyable as possible by reducing the project risk.

Ux Strategy


The Remote ethos on branding and product design is founded on an understanding that the true power of branding is realised when you have a deep knowing of your unique value proposition, what you stand for and what matters to your customers. By deeply understanding what your brand is all about, the right brand, digital assets and product design is realised.

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Our core programming capability revolves around excellence in system design, clean architecture and elegant code. The digital products we create are developed in .NET Core, SQL Server and React, utilising the Umbraco CMS and leveraging the Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting platform; resulting in robust, reliable and scalable digital products that perform under high traffic loads.

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Launching your product is the first milestone, we support you post-launch and help you scale your product as you grow. We analyse user behaviour to ensure a data-driven approach, where an understanding of how users are interacting with your product drives how we optimise their experience and create new features that will increase engagement and user retention.

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We help you plan out your product roadmap to determine what, how, when and why new features are added to your product post-launch. We then plan controlled releases to a UAT environment before deploying to production. This helps to ensure you have visibility and control over the direction your product is going and how fast releases are deployed.

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Our support packages are flexible to meet your needs. We can offer an on-demand retainer or SLA-based support, and if you want a dedicated team, we can provide resources on a long-term basis to run your product. If the need arises, we also assist in the handover to your internal team, advising you on the right people to hire, with training, onboarding and knowledge sharing.

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We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional branding, design and UX for digital products and apps for clients of all sizes around the world, and bring that experience to every project.

Jeannie McGillivray - CEO, Remote

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