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Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers of construction machines on the planet. With a full product range manufactured, serviced and supported all over the globe. Our task was to harness data from multiple channels to deliver a curated experience for Volvo Construction Equipment customers across North and Latin Americas – enhancing the powerful connection between the Volvo team, their dealers and customers.

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Remote have been working with Volvo CE NA for over seven years. Most recently, we were commissioned to create a customer-facing iOS and Android app and interactive kiosk that were all served via one Umbraco CMS. The idea was to harness multiple data sources to showcase detailed product specs, images and videos for all new or used machinery and parts, as well as information on their complete service portfolio, upcoming shows and events and social media activity to their customers.

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We tackled the project for iOS and Android platforms in parallel by utilising React Native, and then leveraged the work to produce a web version for the interactive kiosks.

Working to a fixed deadline of ConExpo in March 2020, we quickly created features for promotions, product specs and a document repository for detailed brochures, with the facility for multiple images and videos for each machine.

We also deployed dynamic integration with social media streams and created contact forms that integrated directly with the Volvo CRM system and Salesforce.

The app also provides a comprehensive product comparison tool, which set different machines from different manufacturers side-by-side to compare features such as engine size and horsepower and an attachments selector, helping users to select the correct attachments for their vehicles, taking into account elements like loading weight and balance.

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