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The Client

Playrcart's unique video-commerce technology gives brands the opportunity to sell products from right within their digital video assets, making them work harder to drive sales. This project unveiled the mountain of value that Playrcart are offering their customers, placing them alongside other powerhouse media brands to help them realise their full potential.

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The Remote ethos on branding and product design is founded upon an understanding that the true power of branding is realised when we have a deep knowing of our client's unique value proposition - what they stand for, and what matters to their customers. By deeply understanding what the Playrcart brand is all about, a clear path to the right brand, digital assets and product design became obvious. 

Brand Guidelines


Playrcart found Remote via our Dribbble page, and commissioned us to completely rebrand the organisation, create all presentations, sales and social media assets, design their website, curate the user experience for their player across all digital formats, design the user interface for their shopping cart process for products, bookings and charitable donations as well as the back-office customer facing dashboards and reporting tools. 

Playrcart Billboard
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It's was our mission to make sure that Playrcart's customers’ experience of using
their technology is second to none. We began by building a story board of the Playrcart system and analysing the journey customers go on when using their product.

We're a competitive bunch, and so we checked out their competition as well
as systems in other industries that are leaders in their field. We then created initial wireframes and visuals so that they began to get a feel for the experience their users would have from the new approach to their checkout process.

This process built upon the rebrand to create a best-in-class visual identity
for the business across all digital assets.

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