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The Client

yeebee is a new e-commerce concept rooted in group buying, leveraging recent trends in commerce and making the most of the latest technological breakthroughs. yeebee offers members an alternative to current high-cost/high-waste capitalist issues and offers a solution with wholesale prices whilst reducing the number of products going to landfill.

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The yeebee branding strategy focuses on Gen-Z folk who are regular users of apps such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat. The brand allows for a fun and familiar user experience that allows customers to feel at ease and engaged whilst using the app. To achieve this, the creative team conducts a deep analysis of existing processes with market research and aims to identify business-critical features to develop.

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The Remote team initially designed a prototype with features and visuals ideated from the start. To refine the UX and UI for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we proposed to create a mobile app with the potential for eventual web application development. This update brought yeebee in line with the latest trends, aiming to provide an exciting e-commerce platform.

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The project involved developing a customer-facing application that harnesses the open-source Umbraco CMS system powered by Microsoft .NET Core framework and the Microsoft Azure cloud network. It provides searchable product displays, allowing customers to share and purchase products on social media and via WhatsApp, enabling pledges and payments through Stripe. The app also features a customer account area, integrates with a messaging API and has a customer knowledge base. The MVP includes these essential features, with additional features such as discount vouchers, an e-commerce cart for multiple purchases in one session, and real-time feedback without page refreshes proposed for future phases. This allows us to test the assumption that customers are willing to use this method of purchasing in order to then invest further into message-first commerce with confidence.

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