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The Client

Marches Energy Agency is an independent energy charity dedicated to combating fuel poverty, promoting energy reduction, and encouraging actions on renewables and climate change. With a solid commitment to supporting householders, communities, businesses, and schools, the agency has established a significant presence across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin, Derby & Derbyshire. Recognising the urgent need to address rising energy costs,  Ray Everett, Senior Energy Advisor and Project Manager, envisioned an innovative tool - the HEAT app- aimed at empowering Energy Advisors to assist householders in crafting effective energy plans efficiently.

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The branding for HEAT was meticulously developed to resonate with both the Energy Advisors and the end users - the householders. The branding strategy focused on embodying trust, innovation, and approachability. The visual identity, from the logo to the colour scheme, was designed to reflect warmth and energy efficiency, ensuring it was aligned with the core mission of the Marches Energy Agency. The consistent branding across all platforms ensured that HEAT was immediately recognisable, fostering a strong connection with its users.

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The project embarked on by Remote encompassed several critical components:

Branding: Establishing a unique and memorable brand identity for HEAT that communicated its purpose and values effectively to its target audience.

User Experience Design: Crafting an intuitive and engaging user experience was paramount. The design phase focused on simplifying the process for Energy Advisors to create personalised energy plans, ensuring the interface was user-friendly and accessible to a broad audience.

Custom Website: A bespoke website served as the cornerstone for the HEAT initiative, offering comprehensive information on energy-saving strategies, the app’s functionalities, and how users could benefit from it.

Business Operations Systems: To streamline the process of creating and managing energy plans, a custom admin system was developed. The system facilitated efficient data management, reporting, and analytics, enabling Marches Energy Agency to monitor impact and outcomes effectively.

Mobile App Development: The HEAT mobile app was developed to provide a seamless and accessible tool for Energy Advisors in the field. The app features tools for assessing household energy use, generating personalised energy-saving plans, and tracking progress over time.

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The HEAT project culminated in a highly successful outcome, delivering a comprehensive suite of tools that transformed how Marches Energy Agency and its Energy Advisors addressed fuel poverty and energy savings. The mobile app, in particular, was lauded for its ease of use and effectiveness, enabling advisors to quickly generate actionable energy plans during home visits. The custom website and business operations system enhanced the agency’s operational efficiency and capacity to reach and assist a more significant population segment.

In the months following the launch, Marches Energy Agency reported a significant increase in engagement from both Advisors and householders. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the intuitive design and the tangible impact of the energy plans on reducing energy costs. The HEAT project strengthened the agency’s mission and set a new benchmark for technology-driven energy solutions.

The success of HEAT stands as a testament to the power of collaborative innovation in addressing critical societal challenges, showcasing Remote’s commitment to delivering solutions that make a difference.

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