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Do you need a supplier that has the know-how and infrastructure to support your application?

Cloud-based hosting for your websites, applications and databases means that your business is always online, and the right infrastructure and security means that your data is safe and always available.

We make sure that every experience your staff and customers have with your business in the digital world is aligned with and communicates your core values and purpose, and this extends to making sure it's hosted on world-class infrastructure.

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Paul McGillivray

Fast, secure, reliable hosting across a network of world class datacenters

You shouldn't ever have to be worried about whether your application is available, or whether more traffic will slow it down or worse, render it unusable.

Once your website or application is deployed, you need it to be always on, always available, reliable and able to meet world class performance and security standards.

Remote's hosting infrastructure is based on a world class cloud hosting network. This means that we can scale up or down as quickly as you need us to, so that your application is always available, and able to take as much traffic as you can throw at it. We've spent years testing different networks, datacenters and techniques for hosting, and our experience has evolved our methods and choices for infrastructure.

Disaster recovery, to-the-minute backups, and mirrored servers bring high-availability, and new servers can be spun up and utilised quickly and easily should your business require it. As a result, you can rely on a service that works quickly, smoothly and seamlessly.

All the time.

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