Custom Web Applications

The rapid development and democratisation of technology is leading to the digitalisation of products and services across every industry, and is taking hold of and disrupting entire markets. It's essential to stay ahead of this tide of change by ensuring that your services are enhanced or entirely managed online.

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New business models are being developed and used that combine ease-of-use for your customers with larger, regular, reliable revenue streams for your organisation, while adding value to your customers.

A custom web application will provide a digital office for your team and stakeholders, allowing you to deliver services 24 hours a day, globally, without the need for more resources.

We specialise in working with you to create strategies for digital transformation that will allow you to move your existing processes online while innovating new products and services that can be delivered digitally.

Web applications can be for internal use; managing data, processes, inventory or logistics, for example; or customer-facing - delivering software as a service, or acting as a middle-tier to orchestrate and harmonise delivery of your product.

Examples of web applications:

  • Ticketing or bidding systems
  • Management and reporting
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Directories and paid content delivery
  • Accounting management
  • Live project status reporting
  • Document repositories
  • Community areas

We have 21 years experience in delivering web applications, from the world's first homeopathic materia medica, through secure datarooms for aquisitions, through custom customer relationship management systems, to secure work contract bidding tools.

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