Jeannie McGillivray

Revolutionising the SAP Service Marketplace

Connecting Clients to SAP Experts Globally with ten80 Group

Ten80 Hero Min

We've been working away on the branding and development of a new SaaS platform for a tech start-up called ten80 Group. The application radically disrupts the SAP contractor industry. It's a digital marketplace that connects every client looking for SAP work items to be completed to every SAP expert globally. Think Airbnb for software contracting support.Connecting Clients to SAP Experts Globally with ten80 Group

We were approached by ten80 to create the brand for the new tech start-up, and design and build a comprehensive SaaS platform that would connect every SAP client to every SAP expert globally.

The resulting system gives clients the power to use the best SAP experts in the world and pay for them when they need them, whilst giving contractors the freedom to choose the projects they would like to work on and work from home.

The rapid delivery time required to get the platform to market has meant that it has been all hands on deck for us at Remote. And we have done it. 

The application has launched on time and to budget, and has seen an impressive roster of clients sign-up to the platform in it's first few weeks. The platform is trusted by the likes of Walmart, Unison, SAP, Macro and Massmart.

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