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The Client

Crisp Accountancy is a modern and approachable accountancy service provider. They have built an excellent reputation for providing comprehensive financial advice to contractors within England and Wales. Their services are tailored to helping businesses reach their full potential, through accurate up-to-date financial data and informed advice on every financial situation. Ultimately, Crisp Accountancy strives to make life simpler for everyone by putting the necessary information into the palm of their client’s hands.

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The Crisp Business Group is a continuously growing practice that provides business leaders with a platform to succeed. It has two distinct brands, Crisp Accountancy and Crisp Contractor, each with its own websites and sub-brands that provide niche services for specific industries. This forms the “Crisp Ecosystem” that helps clients identify needs and match services according to their individual needs. At the heart of every business they create lies the core values of understanding customer situations, providing plans for solutions, and matching services to best-fit needs.

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The project involved designing a website that could be accessed by users across a range of devices and browsers, with content laid out in an easy-to-read format. The design had to be easily expandable for future growth, include intuitive navigation, account for differences in interaction between mouse pointers and touch gestures, make use of flexible images and gracefully adapt itself to the viewing environment. We also needed to take into consideration bandwidth constraints on mobile devices. Additionally, we developed cascading style sheets (CSS) to dynamically customise the interface for different devices.

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By leveraging our design expertise and creativity, Remote successfully delivered a market-leading website for Crisp Accountancy that was visually appealing, provided an enjoyable user experience, and was built using Umbraco CMS. We optimised the website for SEO and hosting in the Azure infrastructure, as well as provided a comprehensive training package to ensure the Crisp Accountancy team could manage the website with confidence. With an intuitive, modern design and eye-catching layout, the website reflects Crisp Accountancy's brand identity and encourages customers to use its services. Our design solution appeals to various target groups, promotes the organisation as forward-thinking and energetic leaders in their field, provides value for money and has excellent ROI.

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