Paul McGillivray

Unlocking Business Intelligence with a Custom Software Platform

Leverage Advanced Analytics and Automation to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Custom software solutions can be a powerful tool for companies looking to gain an edge over their competitors. Streamlined operations, reduced manual work and improved self-service options for customers – such as web portals and automated support – are just a few of the uses of custom software.

To identify areas where you could improve, start by looking at your processes. Jobs that require a lot of effort or are frustrating for your team are a great place to start. For customer-facing solutions, look at what your competitors are offering; if they're doing it and you're not, there's a risk of falling behind.

Consider how you might use customer data to drive your sales and make better strategic decisions. A successful custom software strategy can provide businesses with insights into their customers’ behaviours and preferences – insights that would not otherwise be available through standard analytics packages.

Many business leaders are tempted to view custom software as a last-ditch solution to put in place when they've outgrown their current systems. That's understandable, given the high costs sometimes associated with developing software, but it can also result in missed opportunities for growth and profits.

In today's digital age, where consumer demand is constantly evolving, those who don't adapt quickly risk falling behind. To reap the benefits of custom software, consider developing it early rather than avoiding its cost until it's too late. Developing early means that you have your systems in place before you start to struggle. What's more, putting your future systems in place early means you're likely to scale faster, sooner, and with fewer growing pains. If you leave it too late, you're not only having to deal with the frustrations of managing a slow system that can't support your needs, but you're likely to be dealing with smaller margins on your revenue, so the software you need to invest in is suddenly much more difficult to raise funds for.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition in today's market, then custom software offers potential benefits that it would be unwise to overlook: from cost savings and streamlined operations to improved customer experiences; from advanced analytics capabilities to a greater understanding of customer needs; looking ahead at what systems you'll need, ahead of time, could prove invaluable in helping your business achieve its goals.

Of course, predicting what you might need in the future can be difficult, especially if you don't know what's possible with technology. At Remote, we run Clarity Workshops that make that task significantly easier.

We have a suite of tried and tested tools and frameworks that we use to analyse business workflow and processes to collaboratively identify the weaknesses and opportunities in a business and compile a comprehensive software strategy to take your business into the future.

Get in touch with us today to find out how a workshop can give you the clarity you need to stay ahead.