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Learn Practical Strategies and Tips from Successful Women in Business with A Woman's Work


A Womens Work

Announcing the arrival of A Woman's Work, a book project led by our MD Jeannie and a core group of successful business women. A Woman's Work was initiated by a debate with a group of successful business women from a range of industries, about why it’s so much harder for women business leaders to get funding and investment, and why they can sometimes struggle to be taken seriously. The real question that came out of that debate, however, was: What can we do to help women overcome these challenges and really shine?

The result is A Woman’s Work. A book packed full of tips and personal stories drawing on a range of expertise from Jeannie and nine other co-authors.

The book covers both the hard and soft business skills that every business leader needs to take their business to the next level. From time management and resilience, to how to hone your product and scale profitably, this is the book these businesswomen wish they had in their arsenal when they were looking to scale their businesses.

In each chapter, a different businesswoman reflects on some of the experiences they've had throughout their career, explores the obstacles she had to overcome in a particular area, and gives practical advice for the reader on how to do the same.

Jeannie’s chapter (3) covers the Power of Purpose. She shares a snippet of her business story and how important a clear sense of purpose is for starting and scaling a successful business.

You can find out more at the website, which was designed and created by the team at Remote.

You can buy the book from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and Waterstones. Here’s a link to the Amazon page too: