Jeannie McGillivray

Uncover the Latest Innovations at Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco

Meet industry leaders, explore startups and hear fascinating talks on getting to IPO

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The crack team have landed in San Francisco and are slowly adjusting to the change in time-zone. Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco is a three day conference focused on breaking technology news and developments with big-name thought leaders who are making waves in the industry. At the heart of Disrupt SF lies Startup Alley, the startup exhibition hall, where hundreds of early-stage startups showcase their latest developments.

We were there to market test a new software innovation that helps developers create more consistent, reliable, best practice code in their software projects and collaborate across all development teams like never before, which we will launch in 2020. 

While we were there, we were excited to meet one of our business heroes Ray Dalio, author of the brilliant bestselling book Principles of Life and Work, talking about radical honesty within company culture. Ray posed questions such as:

  • How can you build a strong culture for a flourishing startup?
  • How do you know your opinion is right?
  • How can you figure out an objective criteria for forming opinions?

All fantastic questions that gave us some real insights into life and work at Remote.

We also saw a great panel talk from Jennifer Tejada from PagerDuty and Aaron Levine from Box about getting to IPO. Questions we came away from the discussion were:

  • How do you prepare mentally and survive the ups and downs of the stock market?
  • How are you uniquely positioned to serve your market? How do you convince people of that?
  • Can you serve your market in a way that an incumbent can not?

An afternoon with actress Maisie Williams, best known for her role as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, gave us an insight into her life as an entrepreneur as well as an actor. Masie is the latest celeb to venture into tech entrepreneurship, with the launch of a new company aimed at connecting creatives called Daisie.

Our MD Jeannie also went to hear from Amanda de Cadenet about her startup GirlGaze.

GirlGaze are on mission to close the gender gap one job at a time by partnering with brands to create paid opportunities for female-identifying and non-binary creatives.

They act as a creative agency for brands to work with Girlgaze’s emerging and established creatives, including photographers, directors, artists, producers, designers, influencers, and beyond. These talented creators produce work across industries that mobilises, engages, and inspires.