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TEDx | Unlocking the Power of Sustainable Business

How ordinary people and businesses around the world are becoming extraordinary

Paul Mcgillivray Tedx Talk

On Saturday 29th September at The Telford Innovation Campus, University of Wolverhampton hosted one of the now world famous TED events. TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage.

Click here to watch the video of Paul's talk at the event - "Bringing Purpose to work for Global Impact"

The TED ethos is all about spreading great ideas, for the benefit of the whole world. From their office in Shropshire, Remote work with clients around the world, from household brands to ground breaking entrepreneurs; their work increases engagement and drives efficiency, innovation and profitability in the organisations they work for, enabling them to have a greater impact in the world.

Paul McGillivray believes that many of us have a huge amount of untapped potential, limited more often than not by our environment - the organisations within which we spend our days. He’s on a mission to help us find the meaning and purpose at the root of our work and to level-up our workplaces to achieve things that we never imagined possible.

“The message I’m sharing is at its core about making the workplace one of meaning and purpose and of driving business for positive impact on the planet and people first, instead of profit first. I feel that this is a vital idea and one that fits with the TED ethos; planet, innovation for good, and meaning and purpose for all.”

Advances in technology are changing everything about how we work, where we work, and why we work. In his inspiring talk, Paul shared how the organisations that will survive and thrive in the new age of enterprise, will be those who put Purpose before Profit. This included the story of what happened when he lost sight of meaning in his own life, how his discoveries have changed the way he approaches his own business, and how we can implement these ideas to make a positive impact on the world.

“Technology is freeing mankind to enter an age of meaning. We’re witnessing a wave of sustainable enterprises that value a higher purpose for the benefit of the planet and all who inhabit it. These companies nurture cultures that embrace the individual talents of employees, discovering how the purpose of each individual is aligned with the purpose of the company. With this alignment comes great momentum and performance; companies that continue to work for profit first, regardless of consequences, are destined to fail; and the next age of business will be dominated by companies who are able to find a sustainable balance between profit and meaning."

Passionate about personal growth and transformation Paul McGillivray is a natural and contagious visionary, he is also a self-confessed computer and business geek and Co-founder and Technical Director of Remote.