Jeannie McGillivray

Shropshire Economic Partnership (SEP) to Boost Local Economy

SEP to unlock opportunities for businesses and communities

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Our CEO, Jeannie McGillivray, is passionate about using her platform and skills to help businesses and communities to thrive. Following her previous post as Chair of the Shropshire Business Board, she was nominated as Deputy Chair of the Economic Partnership Board (SEP), a new public-private sector initiative established to develop an action plan for Shropshire to help boost Shropshire’s economy.

The SEP Board was created in order to provide a unified voice for Shropshire’s business community, foster growth and sustainability for local companies and turn this area into an attractive destination for new investments, so it has representatives from the county’s thought leaders from all kinds of fields: business, education, health, voluntary and public sectors.

Following key decisions made at the inaugural meeting of the new Board, the intention is to work in alignment with Shropshire Council’s economic growth strategy, comprising of a three-stage process: an immediate restart after the pandemic, the short-term revitalisation of Shropshire’s economy and a long-term plan that will help create a resilient business environment for future generations. The SEP will focus on the strategy for delivering the long-term plan.

The SEP Board will therefore carefully monitor key indicators such as wages, housing and productivity to ensure progress is made in the interests of Shropshire’s business community.

As Deputy Chair, Jeannie said "The inaugural meeting of the Shropshire Economic Partnership marked a pivotal moment from which the incredible background work required to create this opportunity for Shropshire will take flight in 2023. The Board brought together the best thinking from cross-sector experts across the county to champion growth and sustainability for the business community. 

With a clear focus on long-term economic growth, this partnership will be fundamental in creating a healthy economy for Shropshire as we navigate the current turbulent economic conditions and beyond. 

The Board will concentrate on the most important issues affecting local businesses and work towards creating an action plan that makes a real difference to businesses in Shropshire. I'm excited to see the partnership unlock opportunities and empower businesses to grow to their fullest potential."

The representatives will continue working with the existing businesses in Shropshire to help them prosper and encourage new businesses and organisations to come to the county. As a group of business people, they greatly understand what Shropshire has to offer as a destination for businesses of all sizes. With such an ambitious plan in mind, the board is confident that its action plan will be able to create a lasting impact on Shropshire’s economy.

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