Jeannie McGillivray

Reaching for Optimal Balance

Cultivating autonomy, professional pride and purpose

Working in the office - A pause for reflection

A short working week this week and a bit of space to reflect, causes me to ponder the Utopian dream of balance between autonomy, professional pride and purpose.

A little trepidation hangs over me, I admit. It could be a bit of impatience to find our sweet-spot, as we explore our rhythm as a growing, and therefore largely new, team. I suspect though, that a larger part is the reality of the momentous change we have been through at Remote this year, and all the challenges and opportunities this has brought us.

I want so much for Remote, our team and customers, and I can sense the incredible potential of the path we’re on. I have no doubt it’s the right path; I’m humbled by how far we’ve come, and I can almost taste the awesomeness of where we’re going... but it’s a bit scary!

The reality of growing a business involves living at the edge of your comfort zone, being open to learning from the team and, an art form in itself, lots of listening, questions and discussion. 

An incredible thirst for growth and focus to deliver truly impeccable work runs through the whole team and connects us all. Everything is therefore being re-imagined. Our management style, the way we organise our days, the vision for the company and each member of the team’s personal vision, as well the way we develop our software and manage our projects.

As we began to approach the business anew, a year ago now, we took great pains to invest in a truthful, collaborative and people-centric culture. This was demanding for everyone, as it required us to be vulnerable, and bring conscious awareness to how we interact. This was unfamiliar and, at times, a little intimidating, bringing inevitable emotional complications and unpredictable results, and it was exciting and heartwarming at other times.

Now that it’s been a year, however, the somewhat wobbly start has given birth to something deeply precious: Trust.

A culture of autonomy, professional pride and purpose brings days full of learning and support as we walk along an unmarked path together.

After nearly nineteen years of business, Remote excites me more today than it ever has. Not a day goes by when I don’t feel like we are just beginning and yet have grown so much, and that blows me away. I am truly inspired by the potential we have as a team and feel honoured to be part of something that helps each and every person achieve their full potential.

I find myself as excited about my involvement in this next leg of Remote’s journey as I was when I started the business with Paul all those years ago. And if each of us achieves three-quarters of our potential, we will fly — and we hope that, as we share our tools and experiences, others will join us.