Jeannie McGillivray

Mobile App Development with the Systems Flow Methodology

Harness the power of technology to make a positive impact with Remote's proven processes.

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At Remote, our purpose is to help organisations worldwide harness the power of technology to make a positive impact with fewer resources. We've been nailing this brief for organisations of all sizes for over 20 years, and we've got our unique Systems Flow Methodology mastered.

The Systems Flow Methodology ensures we prioritise your most important tasks first, are flexible enough to respond to change and are focused on having an advantageous impact on your business with exemplary applications. Like Colonel Sander's 13 spices or the recipe for Coca-Cola, we'll never give up its secrets. Ever. To anyone. (Oh, go on then, scroll down).

How do we accelerate turning your idea into an app? It all starts with our proven methodology and processes, designed to help you bring your digital product to life efficiently and effectively and make it an incredible experience. Here's a closer look at the Systems Flow Methodology:

Discover: The first step in our process is a Discovery Session with you to discuss your idea in detail and make sure there’s a meeting of minds and a fit between our companies. We then progress to a Clarity Workshop - a deep analysis of your existing processes, ideas, and aims. In the Clarity Workshop, we’ll scope out the most business-critical features of the software that will result in the most significant impact on your business. This dramatically reduces the up-front development cost while reducing the project’s risk. We'll listen carefully to your vision and ask questions to understand your goals and target audience better. This is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us about your app and what you hope to achieve with it. We'll also discuss your budget and timeline to ensure we can deliver a product that meets your needs within your constraints.

Design: Once we understand your idea, we'll start working on the design. Customers rule, and that's why it's our mission to ensure that your customers' experience of your brand, digital assets, and the product is second to none. We'll create a visual identity for the application and curate your customers' journey, from discovering your business to using your product. This process builds on your brand to create a best-in-class visual identity and user experience for your digital product. We'll create wireframes and mockups to give you an idea of how your app will look and function. We'll work with you to refine the design and ensure it meets your needs and expectations. We'll also consider factors like user experience and branding to ensure that your app is visually appealing and easy to use.

Development: Our development team will build your app once the design is finalised. Say hello to your A-team! Our gang of world-class strategists, designers, developers, and project managers are trained in the art of Lean and Agile Scrum project delivery. This keeps the project on track, the scope tight, and the focus on the desired outcomes. Working in two-week sprints keeps the feedback loop short and the project on target and budget. You just relax and enjoy the process. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that your app is reliable, scalable, and user-friendly. We also follow agile development methodologies, which allows us to iterate quickly and deliver your app promptly.

Testing: As we develop your app, we'll conduct thorough testing to ensure it's functioning as intended. This includes both manual testing by our team and automated testing using tools like unit tests and continuous integration. We'll work to fix any issues that arise and ensure that your app is of the highest quality.

Drive: Delivering releases to your users rapidly enables us to monitor how the software is used rather than how we expect it to be used. We respond to live feedback, iterate and improve, constantly testing our assumptions in the real world. This process drives momentum, scales safely and shortens the window to deliver that all-important ROI.

Launch: Once your app is complete and thoroughly tested, we'll help you launch it on the App Store or Google Play. We'll guide pricing, marketing, and maintenance to help you get the most out of your app.

Distil: Show me the data. Good digital product design is an iterative process where data drives decisions and changes are deployed regularly. We help refine the customer journey, remove bottlenecks, looking for new pains to relieve and new opportunities to delight the user. This improvement process is the essence of great software and results in products people love to use.

As you can see, our process is designed to turn your idea into an app as easy and stress-free as possible. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you bring your digital product to life. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed. We can't wait to work with you!

If you want to find out more about our studio, drop us a message – we’d love to chat with you.