Jeannie McGillivray

New initiatives to grow your business

Unlock your business potential with Remote

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We've devised a series of new initiatives that will help companies achieve our shared vision of a world of impact entrepreneurs and leaders solving meaningful problems on a global scale.

In the coming weeks, we'll be launching not one but two new monthly podcasts.

'The Changemakers' from our MD Jeannie McGillivray will be a series of interviews dedicated to the crazy ones making a positive difference in the world. Listen to the inspiring vision of business leaders, hear about the legacies they intend to leave, how they're doing it, and get practical advice on how to realise your own vision for positive change.

'Purpose First' from our TD Paul McGillivray will be a series of interviews dedicated to the purpose-driven organisations, coaches and leaders utilising exponential technology to accelerate their work in the world. Listen to the inspiring vision of sustainable business delivering on the UN Global Goals, hear about the work they're doing, the difference they're making and get practical advice on how to implement technology to 10x the impact your business can make.


To reach a global audience, we've developed short, medium and long term courses to enable impact businesses to streamline and scale up. Develop at your own pace with a choice of courses from 6 weeks to 12 months.


Whether you need a desk or an office suite we are launching new work environments in Shrewsbury aimed at increasing productivity, innovation, and collaboration. 

The nature of work is changing. Recruitment, retention, innovation and productivity demand great places to work. Remote WorkSpaces offer companies the opportunity to re-imagine employees’ days through refreshing design and engaging community.