• SaaS Platform Development
  • Brand Evaluation and Asset Creation
  • User Experience Design

The Client

incoder is the flagship product from Code Assembly. It is on course to disrupt the global software industry by superseding low-code or no-code Software as a Service (SaaS) applications with a fully commercial software Generation as a Service (GaaS) platform, creating an entirely new market.

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The Project

Remote were tasked to name, brand, create all digital assets, curate the UX and interface design for the platform and collaborate on developing the tool itself. Working to create this game-changing software generation innovation kept us very busy throughout 2019.

The project was born from a shared frustration in the way that software is developed around the world. The resulting system automates the generation of up to 80% of the back-end code of an enterprise application, and will be followed by a full design to front-end code automation product in Q3 of 2021, providing software teams an end to end solution.

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The Result

incoder is a game-changing software generation platform for the creation and implementation of software generation templates, which developers can share with a community of contributors. 

The project harnessed the initial platform created by Code Assembly CEO Jonathan Farrar, then called Code Template, and transformed it into a commercial software development platform that will revolutionise the global software development experience.

We also researched, designed, invented, developed, prototyped, tested and refined a new software architecture concept that we've named ‘Pragmatic Abstraction’.

The resulting system is a core engine and suite of plugins that are capable of understanding the domain of a software application and dynamically generating it as a service. Developers describe how they’d like to program their applications, using their own patterns or a suite of templates that are provided with the tool, to incoder and it does the monotonous work for them in approximately 4 minutes.

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Rider to incoder

The first version of incoder comes as a plugin for JetBrain's Rider - a leading developer environment - allowing developers to describe the domain of their application in code. incoder then builds the back and mid-tier application, including databases, API's and authentication, to best software development practices, in a matter of minutes.

Developers are then free to connect their front-end interfaces to a full working application, reducing development time by a factor of tens to hundreds.

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Sketch to React

The second incoder product is a plugin for Sketch, the design tool. Designers can use the incoder plugin in Sketch to design their application User Interfaces, and incoder builds the full application, all the way to the database and infrastructure, based on the model dictated by the design, in a matter of minutes. It's a powerful tool, and is set to be another game-changer in the world of software development.

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