Business Process Management

Many businesses grow organically, adding systems and processes as they go. There comes a time when the systems that got them to where they are won't take them any further, and are actually holding them back. Disconnected applications, copying and pasting between forms, and multiple unwieldy spreadsheets are time consuming, open to error and draining.

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A custom business process management (BPM) application will manage your business operations across the board. Keeping your data in one place, your team on track and your customers connected, with data delivered to you how you need it. 

We aim to connect and optimise all of the processes and functions in your organisation, automating the tasks that benefit from software automation and integrating with internal and third-party systems where necessary. 

Firstly, we carry out a Clarity Workshop using a series of proven tools and methods to analyse your business workflow and customer journey. Identifying bottlenecks in your processes that slow you down or cause frustration, while also uncovering the hidden potential in your processes that can be digitised or automated to deliver more efficiency, consistency and delight for your team and your customers.

Our custom business process management applications are based around the unique way you do things; instead of trying to adapt your culture to fit a new system, we build the system to fit - and optimise - you.

With a custom software system, you can perform at your optimal flow - from sales to management to fulfilment. Business process applications ensure you and your team are free to work on the important work that can't be automated - establishing real connections with your clientele, innovating new products and services, while your bespoke software does your heavy lifting in the background.

  • Sales and leads management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Order tracking
  • Customer service
  • Project management
  • Invoice management
  • Budget tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Document generation
  • Custom dashboards and reports¬†

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