Business Process Automation

Do you have different systems or processes that don’t work together smoothly?

It's important it is to have the systems and processes you need in order to scale your business. They’re the backbone of an efficient, profitable company. The problem is, choosing the right technology feels like a bit of a minefield, and the lure of seemingly cheap or free off-the-shelf software can actually end up costing a company dearly in terms of lost opportunities and slow, cumbersome service delivery, which risks your customers looking elsewhere.

This is where we come in. We work with you to look at your existing systems and processes, identify repetitive tasks and bottlenecks in your organisation and design an custom end-to-end workflow that’s elegant, intuitive and easy to use. Automating tasks and relieving frustration, making your businesses more efficient, scalable, and profitable.


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Paul McGillivray

Become an Exponential Business

The power of computer processing doubles every 18 months, and with it, the computing power available to you and your team doubles too.

When you move your systems and processes into the software realm, the amount of work that can get done exponentially grows, allowing you to scale faster and deliver more efficiently without needing to employ more staff or increase costs.

Work within your Superpowers

In this fast-paced business world, the amount of knowledge work and admin tasks we're required to perform seems to grow bigger and bigger each day.

Everyone has their individual talents and strengths, and when you're working within your talents and strengths, you perform better, work better, and are more motivated. You get important things done, and your work has meaning.

When you're working outside of those talents and strengths, work is dull, repetitive and we struggle to make an impact.

When this factor is multiplied across your whole team, the entire organisation fails to live up to its potential.

What's worse, when you're working on admin that anyone could do, you're not spending the time working on what you're great at.

Leverage the power of Supportive Systems

Custom software systems can automate your processes and free you and your team up to do meaningful work, and exciting work. Work that makes a difference. Leveraging the power of workflow automation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, your systems will be built for you and your business, giving you the lift-up where you need it, and managing administrative tasks with ease and grace.

Start with WHY

When we work with you on your business, we don't start with a list of prescriptive features and tasks that we need to complete. We start by finding out WHY you're doing what you're doing. What your vision is, what your mission is, what your goals are.

And then we find out what the obstacles to those goals are, and which obstacles are the biggest blockers to those goals.

Once we know WHY you're doing what you're doing, we can form a strategy that can get you there. We start with your WHY, and we then plan the WHAT and the HOW.

When we remove the biggest obstacle, we go back to the start and find the new biggest obstacle, and continue with incremental improvements, measuring and monitoring the effect our systems have on your entire business.

The result is a new Business Operating System, all based on your company's purpose. This brings engagement, performance, motivation and impact.

Support at every level of business

We understand that change doesn't start with a piece of software; even a beautiful, intuitive, powerful piece of software that takes on so many of the jobs you don't need to do.

If your team isn't on board with your vision, or aware of how their own tasks contribute to your goals, as a leader, you'll constantly be dragging your team behind you.

With a connected team, all on board and engaged with the purpose of your company and how you're going to get there, you're all working together to make that difference.

Our leadership coaches work at every level of the business, from C-level to the front-line personnel, to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and on message, and working in the same direction.

This is the key to true Business Transformation.

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