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Stroke Active


Stroke Active is a Purpose Driven tech startup, aiming to transform the recovery of Stroke Patients across the world through an online application and iOS mobile app that can be used by Patients, Carers and Practitioners to manage the vital first few weeks of recovery following a stroke.

The Project

We were initially commissioned to build an iOS app to act as an information resource and practitioner directory for carers of stroke patients. During the development of the app, the full potential for transformation of the stroke recovery process became clear, and the project became one of connection between practitioners and stroke patients and their carers. The app provides task setting and monitoring, video recording of daily therapeutic practices, and messaging between all of the practitioners caring for the patient, as well as a directory of health care professionals.

The first few weeks following a stroke are critical, and the app aims to provide a framework for support that allows those first weeks to be utilised to their fullest potential to ensure the greatest chance of a complete recovery.

The primary interface for patients and carers was developed in the form of an iOS mobile app for the iPad. The application for Health Care Professionals was developed as a Progressive Web App. We are currently working on a version of the app for iPhone.


The Result

In the first few weeks of release, the app has been incredibly well received by many professional organisations. It is currently being trialled by UCL, and is also being reviewed for inclusion in the NHS list of approved apps. We continue to develop the app and Stroke Active continues on its mission to become the go-to application to transform the lives of stroke patients.


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