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Sedgwick UK deliver independent global expertise in commercial, home and third party administrator claims through outstanding service, empowered staff and an aspirational environment. Headquartered in London, they operate a nationwide service from eight locations, with more than 200 staff handling more than 16,000 claims each year.

The Project

We were commissioned to build an iOS and Android app to provide local authority risk managers/insurance managers with an app that would provide them with useful contact and guidance information via their mobile phone/ tablet, so that it is accessible at all times.  

Our initial strategy was to design and build a basic, essentials-only version of the app, which could then be used as a proof-of-concept to gather the feedback of colleagues and clients of Vericlaim. This allowed us to deliver a first-version of the app very quickly, and gauge potential response and potential return-on-investment before too much investment had been made by Vericlaim.

The app would help local authorities manage the early stages of an incident more effectively, reinforce agreed nomination, and drive new business from local authority clients through downloading of the App. The app was designed in line with corporate guidelines, but with a clear goal to present the company as an innovative firm, adding value to existing and potential customers, and raising their profile in the sector with credibility to a range of target audiences.

The Result

In the event of a 'major loss' event, such as a flood or a fire that affects their premises, Vericlaims' clients now have an essential aide memoir for key actions to take and to be able to contact Vericlaim quickly. Initial features included a global documents repository, and a centralised contacts directory, which could be managed by admin staff via our online CMS. 

We were able to clearly communicate the high level of quality, expertise, innovation and exemplary service that the company strive to provide.

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