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Every project we work on with you will be carried out with complete commitment to helping you achieve your vision. Working strategically, and focusing on the most business critical areas, we harness technology to have the biggest impact for your business.

Our unique Systems Flow Methodology ensures we’re always working on your most important tasks, whilst allowing for the flexibility to respond rapidly to change. Enabling us to deliver a positive, measurable and lasting impact for your business.


“The Systems Flow Methodology has been crafted and refined over 20 years, working with hundreds of businesses of all sizes. It's a framework for continuous improvement, has the power to transform your organisation, and is the foundation of all that we do at Remote.”

Paul McGillivray
Technical Director, Remote

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Systems Flow Methodology

Our unique Systems Flow Methodology creates a framework that informs the entire team's approach to every project we will work on with you.

Remote - Systems Flow Methodology



Every project we work on together begins with a deep analysis of your requirements. Uncovering the pain and potential sources of delight for all stakeholders. Curating your customer journeys. Ensuring a seamless user experience 
Our analysis process is separated into three distinct elements.


Discovery session

In this session we learn more about each other to make sure that there’s a values match between our businesses, and compatibility between what you’re looking for and what we provide. One of our values is to commit only to customers and projects we know we can add real value to, so a high-level needs analysis of your business requirements will ensure both parties are confident we will make a real and lasting impact, and that you feel confident to move forward to the Clarity Workshop.

Clarity workshop

In this workshop we employ a range of tools to innovate new ideas for products, fea- tures and services, creating a blueprint for your new app or digital service. During the process, we create customer personas, identify their commonalities and the pains they may be experiencing, and invent ways we can improve their lives with your new digital product, making your product irresistible and your customers raving fans.

Following the workshop, we will produce a 10X Clarity Report, this time outlining the customer avatars we have created and the opportunities to impress your market with a truly disruptive offer, the initial key proposition for a new system.

System strategy lab

In the Strategy Lab at Remote HQ, we map out the workflow of your new product or service. We’ll agree on the top-level features that will be implemented; this is the smallest slice of the software system that we need to build, to immediately prove your value proposition. Working in this way dramatically reduces the up-front cost of devel- opment while equally reducing the project risk. Collaboratively, we create low-fidelity wireframes of the initial system, which in turn give us a good idea of how it will work, and how it will create ROI and meet your desired outcomes.



Our UX Designer and Senior Architects will then begin to work to scope out your system at a user experience level. We check out your competition as well as systems in other industries that are leaders in their field. We create initial wireframes and visuals for your to begin to get a feel for the brand the experience your users will have from your emerging system. We also look at how existing third-party software might be integrated with the new system, what custom code we’ll need to develop and so on.

This process creates a visual identity for the application, so that it is intuitive, quick and easy to use and reflects your values; turning features into functional and technical specifications wherever required.

Once we know how we’re going to build the system, we refine the visuals into a high-fidelity prototype, so that you can test them out before we get coding.


Delivery is the most essential element. Our team of world-class designers and developers are trained in the art of Lean and Agile - Scrum in particular. This keeps us in control of what we build, how we build it, and when we deliver it. Small iterations ensure that the feedback loop between us is short, and we stick to the core aim of proving the initial value proposition.

Working with you to keep the scope tight and to stay focussed on the outcomes means that we don’t stray from original aims, and we only build what’s needed. This keeps us on target and on budget, so you can relax and enjoy the process.


We love our data, and metrics are everything. Because we keep each deliverable small, we can get feedback from stakeholders on each piece of work while we’re still working on the rest of the project. This means that we can change direction if we need to and see how the software is actually being used, rather than how we expected it to be used. Monitoring the use of the software we build means that we can iterate and improve in subsequent releases, constantly testing our assumptions in the real world.

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