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Leverage technology to multiply the impact of the work you were born to do

Remote is a creative, dynamic and experienced team of world-class developers, designers, consultants and project managers - working together to continually research, evolve, innovate and build.

Since 1999, we’ve been building custom software systems so that purpose-driven companies increase engagement with their staff and customers, drive efficiency, innovation and profitability and scale without necessarily hiring more staff. We focus on outcomes that directly achieve your goals.

Our vision is for a culture of business and economics where meaning, purpose and impact drive sustainable global transformation.

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Paul McGillivray

Our culture

From our office in Shropshire, we work with clients around the world, from London to Lyon to Pennsylvania. Our client roster ranges from household brands to entrepreneurial GP’s launching apps to transform healthcare.

The four values of Remote’s company culture guide and influence how we work:

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards, personally and professionally;
  • We have the desire to continually learn, create, collaborate and grow;
  • We value input from all members of the team;
  • We are committed to contributing ground-breaking work that makes a difference in the world.

Our approach

We approach every project with complete commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision. We work with you to articulate which items are the most business critical for you. Work is then split into two week iterations, focusing on your priorities at the start of each cycle.

This process creates a framework that informs the entire team's approach to every project. It ensures we’re always working on your most important tasks whilst allowing for the flexibility to respond to any changes and enables us to deliver a positive, measurable impact on expressed and unexpressed needs, becoming a trusted long-term partner in your success.

Our experience

Over the years, more than 300 organisations have trusted us with their most pressing business challenges. Our team have embraced those challenges as opportunities to drive measurable business transformation.

With our roots in enterprise level systems and agile delivery, Remote team members have extensive experience in designing, building and implementing scalable applications across all digital platforms.

Agile management

Badly managed projects and poor transparency or communication can create frustration, and cause everyone stress. We make sure that that doesn’t happen at Remote. In our experience, the projects that are most successful are the ones that are a result of great collaboration and effective communication.

We use our own form of Agile project management to monitor our projects; keeping on top of budget, quality, and delivery dates, and ensuring communication across all team members. We consider our clients part of the project team. This is essential to our work.

Much of our work comes from client and industry peer referrals. We feel that speaks volumes about the experience they have working with us.

Adding Value

We’re committed to working to your outcomes and goals, instead of focusing on the individual outputs that are often prescribed in a “time plus materials” project costing. We work to a fixed price, which means you don’t have any surprises when you receive an invoice from us. It’s important that the money aspect - along with every other aspect of working with us - is simple, predictable and transparent.

  • Extensive technical experience
    We have many years experience designing and developing technically challenging bespoke software for a wide range of projects and clients.
  • Skilled, approachable team
    We're here for you, we know what we're doing, and we're happy to help.
  • Working together
    Our Agile work practices mean that you're part of the team. We deliver the project together, no surprises.
  • Growing your business
    Our work products improve your customers experience of your products. They also improve your business processes so that you grow, and our team has the experience and expertise to grow with you.

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