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Leverage technology to multiply the impact of the work you were born to do

Since 1999 we’ve been building custom software systems that ensure purpose-driven companies increase engagement with their staff and customers, drive efficiency, innovation and profitability and scale without necessarily hiring more staff. From our office in Shropshire, we work with clients around the world, from London to Lyon to Pennsylvania.

Our client roster ranges from household brands to entrepreneurial GP’s launching apps to transform healthcare. We work with you towards a vision of business and economics where meaning, purpose and impact drive sustainable global transformation.

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Paul McGillivray


Our purpose is to leverage technology to multiply work that has a positive impact on the world. 


Most people are kinder, more supportive, more creative, more thoughtful, contribute more and are more productive when aligned with an organisations greater purpose and mission.  Our mission is to help organisations worldwide to align with their Purpose, and to create massive global impact that makes a real difference.


As an independent and commercially successful business, our vision is for a world of business and economics where working towards a higher purpose drives sustainable transformation. 

In the pursuit of our vision, we balance the needs of colleagues, customers, suppliers and the environment, whilst embedding a culture of innovation, collaboration and support to our stakeholders, communities and wider society.

Our Values

Our values can be summed up with the phrase 'The Power of Purpose'.

This phrase has four underlying values, which are embedded in the heart of Remote’s company culture and which guide and influence how we work:

  • Support - We are in it together and have the good of the company, our clients and the wider community at heart;
  • Mastery -  We aim to reach the highest standards, personally and professionally and share knowledge to create an environment of learning and growth;
  • Purpose - We celebrate purpose; it makes us stronger and gives work meaning and direction for us as individuals and as an organisation;
  • Impact - We are committed to ground-breaking work that makes a meaningful contribution to the world.  

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