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15 September 2017

Five tips for keeping your head above water when faced with an unfamiliar project

by Jon

Sooner or later, if you’re developing software, you’re going to find yourself thrown in at the deep end, tasked with working on a project that is unfamiliar to you. This happened to me a few months ago when I started my new role at Remote and soon found myself working on a key project for an important client...

01 September 2017

The life-changing wonder of Continuous Integration and Deployment

by Paul

We celebrated Remote’s 18th birthday today, 1st September 2017. It makes me smile to remember our early days; sat in the corner of our bedroom with a 586 PC, Jeannie designing our websites, and me putting them together with raw HTML. We couldn’t have imagined that all these years later we’d be creating all kinds of digital sorcery as a team of seven, delivering magic for brands like Volvo, Sony and Volkswagen Group. The tools and best practices in the industry have changed dramatically, too...