We grow strong, lasting relationships with our clients by ensuring an open, reliable, dedicated and customer-focused service and creating exemplary work for them.

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What We Do

We are a creative, dynamic team of strategic software developers and project leaders. We design and build beautiful and elegant software applications for web, mobile, tablet, desktop and VR devices.

We also brand products and companies, position them, give them identities and personalities, and effectively communicate core values by ensuring they inform every creative and technical decision.

Since we started in 1999, we’ve designed and built hundreds of websites, iOS and Android apps and turnkey enterprise-level online applications. We have also designed and developed carefully curated Virtual Reality experiences for iOS, Android and Oculus Rift - creating immersive VR and 360 video experiences. 

Each project is completely bespoke and completely unique. Each project provides a carefully curated and strategic user experience and drives return on investment for our clients.


Our Experience

Our creative and technical experience is diverse. Projects have ranged from content managed websites to iOS and Android apps, multi-platform VR experiences, and large business-critical online applications.

Our client base is also diverse. We create customer-facing apps for International brands such as Volvo CE, stock management software for VW Group UK, and virtual learning environments within Academy schools in partnership with Sony Europe, and we also work with medium sized enterprises throughout Europe.

From data centre management in Norway, to beautifully designed and curated e-commerce websites for luxury brands, management systems for climate-controlled warehouses, secure document repositories and our own WEEE Compliance management tool, our clients benefit equally from over 17 years of attention to detail in the design and development of bespoke, curated, high-performance software development.

Our Approach

Our aim is to develop strong, lasting relationships with every client by providing an open, friendly, reliable, high-quality, dedicated and customer-focused service.

We take time to get to know our clients, understand their businesses, their challenges and triumphs, vision and values, audiences and competition, and always carry out thorough research before commencing any project to ensure that we have a very good understanding of their activity, culture, requirements, budget, market, industries and aims.


Agile Management

We use a form of Agile project management to stay in control of our projects and keep on top of budget, quality, and deadlines. We make sure that none of these things are compromised, and that we treat our clients as part of the team for each project. This is essential to our work.

Much of our work comes from client and industry peer referrals. We feel that speaks volumes about the experience they have working with us.



Our core programming capability is the system architecture and database design and development of robust and scalable bespoke online applications.

We continually respond to advances in technology and focus on dynamic developments, currently using Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012 and 2016 in conjunction with the Microsoft .NET framework and Xamarin for app development.

Our systems are developed in Visual Studio 2015, using C# and VB.NET. We also have core competencies in HTML, CSS, LESS, JavaScript (with high skillsets in AJAX, JQuery and Knockout) and Microsoft MVC.

We also have a high level of experience with Windows Server 2003-2012, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure storage and Media Services.

We're uniquely positioned as a core team of developers to follow up on our designs and prototypes with full, responsive HTML, CSS and JavaScript front-end code.

Adding Value

  • Extensive technical experience
    We have many years experience designing and developing technically challenging bespoke software for a wide range of projects and clients.
  • Skilled, approachable team
    We're here for you, we know what we're doing, and we're happy to help.
  • Working together
    Our Agile work practices mean that you're part of the team. We deliver the project together, no surprises.
  • Growing your business
    Our work products improve your customers experience of your products. They also improve your business processes so that you grow, and our team has the experience and expertise to grow with you.